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Prior to accessing our application and website, it's crucial to thoroughly review these Terms of Service (ToS). We value your satisfaction and as our application and website evolve, our ToS may undergo changes. Please make it a point to regularly check the timestamp at the top of the ToS to ensure you're up-to-date with any modifications.

Accepting the Terms of Service

Upon accessing and utilizing our application and website, you indicate your approval of our ToS and policies, including any updates. If you find any aspects disagreeable, kindly refrain from using our application and website.

User Eligibility

Our ToS governs the relationship between users (referred to as 'User') and the Yedmi website (collectively referred to as 'Yedmi App and Web'). It encompasses individuals and entities using Yedmi.com Products and Services accessible through the Yedmi App and Web.

Mutual Agreement

Yedmi Products and Services, including the Yedmi App and Web, are subject to a mutual agreement between you, whether an individual or an entity, and Yedmicom. This agreement governs the use of these products and services.

By using Yedmi.com Products and Services, you affirm that you've read, understood, and consent to our ToS. This commitment extends to abiding by the ToS as a User.

Content Usage

Yedmi.com offers various content, products, and services through the Yedmi App and Web ('Content' or 'Materials'). These are available for personal and free use, following the guidelines stated in this document.

Using Yedmi App and Web implies your consent to adhere to our ToS and its stipulations. You commit to abiding by the ToS as a User of our Content and Materials.

User Responsibilities

Using Yedmi App and Web and its associated products and services is subject to our ToS and relevant laws. Our tools are intended for downloading content from your own account. Misuse that infringes on others' privacy or rights is prohibited.

Yedmi.com bears no responsibility for violations committed by you or others using our services.


We respect trademark rights and have specific guidelines for using our trademark 'Yedmi™'. Kindly adhere to our policy to avoid misuse or misrepresentation.


Yedmi.com adheres to copyright laws. Users are responsible for the content they use on Yedmi App and Web. We support legitimate interests while displaying content posted by users.

User License

We grant Users a temporary, non-commercial license to download Content and Materials from Yedmi App and Web. This doesn't permit alteration, commercial use, or distribution.

Privacy Protection

Yedmi App and Web prioritize user confidentiality. We safeguard personal information and refrain from disclosing it to third parties.


Content and Materials on Yedmi App and Web are provided 'as is'. Yedmi.com disclaims any warranties, accuracy, or reliability.

Accuracy of Content

Content and Materials may have errors. Yedmi.com can alter these without notice.


Yedmi.com isn't responsible for linked sites or their content. Link usage is at users' risk.

Terms Updates

Yedmi.com may amend these Terms with proper notice. Stay updated by checking the revised terms on our website.

Privacy Policy

Yedmi.com directly does not collect any personal information of users. We respect your privacy and ensure data protection.


We accept non-intrusive Ads on Yedmi App and Web to support research. Users can dismiss cookies or decline Ads.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Yedmi.com may update the privacy policy. Users should check periodically for changes.

Your Consent

By using Yedmi App and Web, you agree to these terms.